Developer FAQ

How do I register my business

If you are new to TraknPay, click on the link to register with TraknPay. If you already have an account with us, click here to login and start using our features

My account is not yet active

Please submit the following details once you are logged into the site. Once the details are filled, we will go through them and approve the business

Contact Details

Fill the basic details of the first point of contact for communication with TraknPay. Transaction Report E-Mail will be used for reporting transactions on your site and for updates regarding performance of various payment modes.

Business Details

As per your organization type (Pvt. Ltd., LLP, Sole Proprietorship, etc), fill out the basic details of your organization

Website Details

As per RBI guidelines, our partner banks do a round of website verification where they judge if sufficient information is provided to your customer while he is paying at your website. For this, some pages as listed under Website Details are necessary. Kindly incorporate these pages and let us know their respective URLs. For your ease, we have shared carefully vetted templates for most cases. If needed, please change them according to your requirements and mention the URL here after incorporating them on your website.

Bank Account Details

Fill down this section with the information regarding your Current Account through which you can accept payments carried on through TraknPay.

Documents Upload

As per your organization type, upload the required documents. We only take documents which are necessary for approval and good quality scans will work perfectly well here.

Submit Form

Once the required information is filled in, click on Submit button to complete the activation form. Now, we verify these details and get back to you on mail or phone in case any correction is required.

How do we get the Salt & API Key?

Once the business is approved, the Salt & API Key will be mailed to the registered email id. In case you have not received it, let us know and we'll mail it to you.