• invoices

    Get Paid with a simple click !

    Reach your customers world-wide, in seconds

    Put an end to paper, print and courier expense

    Faster flow of funds

    Automated Reconciliation of Invoice to Payments

    Real-Time visibility into Receivables Collection

Invoicing Options

Mobile Web Email Invoicing

Mobile, Email Invoicing

Create and send electronic invoices over email and mobile. Receive payments with a click

Recurring Billing

Recurring Billing

Send invoice automatically at fixed intervals. No keeping track of who needs to be sent when.

Recurring Billing

Bulk Invoicing

Upload and Send Invoices with different line items, to thousands of customers, all at once.

Businesses can achieve a 50 to 80% cost saving by adopting electronic invoicing (e-invoicing), compared to traditional paper-based processes

- Billentis Research

Quick invoice delivery, ease of payment and wide range of payment options make customers pay on time, leading to significant reduction in bill collection cycle time

Bill Collection
Data Entry

Faster flow of funds with accelerated Revenue cycles

Mobile Web Email Invoicing

Schedule, Edit and Cancel Invoices


Automated follow-ups with reminders as due date nears


Feature rich Dashboard with Graphs and Charts

Track Invoices

Track Invoice, Payments and Settlements